We believe in action and purpose. 


In everything we do we believe in finding a better way.

We do this by examining and challenging conventional methods.

Each bit of advice we provide has focus and simplicity with the end result clearly in mind.

Our approach is based on constant and rapid learning that is focused on reaching outstanding goals.

We always shoot for the moon, and we know if we keep at it we will get there.


Founder's Bio


Blueprint Essential was founded by Jarrett Meiers as a way to provide businesses a blueprint to modernize and keep pace with the ever changing world.

Jarrett has proven that a creative, vision-based approach which stimulates collaboration and participation is the ultimate way to generate greater workforce adoption and proficiency of new solutions. 

For over 18 years, Jarrett has provided exceptional value and benefit to leaders that are ready to make the necessary organizational changes to prepare for the future. Equally comfortable discussing business strategy with executives or in technical discussions, Jarrett has a background in both management and technology. 

Throughout his career he has achieved technical certifications and studied strategy, organizational change, IT Service Management, project management, public speaking and security.

He is also Strategic Advisor to local Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as an active member of the CDW Customer Advisory Board, International Society of Business Leaders, and the New England Land Title Association.

Jarrett loves being an entrepreneur, adventurer, avid reader, and tech aficionado, always dedicated to continuous learning.


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Businesses and organizations seeking help with their technology are sometimes unsure where to look or what the next steps are. Whether your company has just begun to think about external help or you have actively started to pursue options we are available to answer any questions you may have about the process. Below we have provided you with information that we feel you will find useful in your pursuit.


Companies are often troubled by technology problems that their staff haven't demonstrated the ability to solve, either due to lack of resources, knowledge, or drive. These problems usually have a direct and measurable effect on the business value being delivered by the technology group, and certainly can cause unrest with the rest of executive leadership.

This limits the businesses' bottom line, adds complexity, and increases costs. What is often missing is an experienced leader that understands the challenges businesses are facing and has the wherewithal to make change and progress happen.

Bringing in an experienced technology consultant is the solution.


We have the knowledge and skills that are necessary to discover valuable opportunities that are based on experience with other clients, as well as expertise that has been gained from working on other projects similar to yours. 


  • You receive the experience, expertise, and time that employees may not have.
  • You get flexibility. We can be brought in for short-term projects or continuous monthly guidance..
  • You receive a fresh, objective point of view.
  • We are more efficient for three reasons:
    1. We bring experience with similar problems with us.
    2. We have the luxury to focus solely on the assigned project or problem.
    3. We do not need to deal with the organization’s internal politics or past issues.
  • When you bring us in we serve as a sign that your organization is trying to correct an existing problem.
  • We are in the position and have the ability to be change agents. We can move the organization out of established technologies and workflows, and help the organization change to achieve business advantage.


  • We Identify the Problem. You may know something is wrong in general (support for outdated systems, communication is poor, turnover is high, and profits are uncertain), but you need someone to identify the problem. We will gather data, interview people, study the bigger picture, recognize interfaces, and benchmark other organizations.
  • We Identify the Cause. You may know what the problem is (IT is overburdened, time from concept to market is too long, or defects are high), but you need someone to identify the root cause of the problem. We understand the tenets of problem solving, how to uncover root causes, how to communicate with process owners, and how to challenge the status-quo. 
  • We Identify the Solution. You may know there is a problem and have identified the cause (your staff is entrenched in your current, dated, or mismatched technology), but you need us to identify a solution, or set of solutions. We will research outside initiatives in the same or other industries; locate other resources; and facilitate discussions.
  • We Implement the Solution. You may know there is a problem, have identified the root cause, and have determined the solution (you need to attract a new customer base, work better as a team, or improve software usability), but you need us to implement the solution or change. We are there to make things happen. Our job is to make sure you get what you need, as well as get rid of the old. We will work with you to deliver information and assist others to communicate effectively. We may supervise installations and reconfigure the work force and processes.


  • Project Management  (including, but not limited to): 
    • Vendor and provider research
    • Solution Planning
    • Communication with key stakeholders
    • Coordination of vendors and events
    • Facilitation of training
    • Communication and support
    • User opinion surveys and research
  • A clear understanding of your situation
  • A well thought-out approach
  • Measurement of success
  • Guidance and advice
  • Defined objectives
  • Strategy
  • Project timeline
  • Project budget
  • Regularly scheduled meetings to both report on project progress and make adjustments as needed to reflect updated business or project goals.


While this is a very difficult question as every situation is different we try to be as up front as possible while making it simple for our clients to budget for our services.


For small and mid-sized company projects you should expect $1,500 to $3,000 a day. Another way to look at this is if you were to hire someone on your payroll how much would you be paying them to do this type of work? Then multiply that number by 3. 

For large corporate projects you should expect $5,000 to $6,000 a day.


We like to know as much about your organization and future plans as possible. All our clients are expected to be candid and forthcoming with any issues or concerns. 

Information sharing is important, we like to know some of the following things about all of our projects:

  • How does this project fit into larger organizational goals?
  • How would you define the organization’s culture and values?
  • What is your definition of success for our work?
  • Who should we talk with in order to see all sides of the issue?
  • When can we meet the other stakeholders of this process?

When we work with you we act as if your business is ours, and everything we do is based on our desire to make your organization great.