What is a Technology Strategy?

A technology strategy is simply a plan that provides the answers to important business questions with technology solutions. At its core, strategy is about making the high-level decisions that enable a business to earn superior profits and beat the competition. The plan is there to help you make those decisions with technology being a functional catalyst in tipping the scales in your favor.

Your business will use the plan as a constantly evolving guide which communicates the method which technology will address new challenges and goals and the path which will be followed.

The plan highlights the following:

1.    The vision and purpose of technology in your business

2.    Current headaches and roadblocks

3.    Top Projects and Initiatives

4.    Measurement Metrics

5.    Key Personnel & Providers involved

6.    Future methods of being responsive and ready for change

Most importantly, the strategy answers these important questions:

·       Are we doing the right things with technology?

·       Are we addressing the organizations most important needs and are we delivering value to our clients?

·       Are we spending too much? Are we making the right technology investments?

·       Is our current technology up to date and working well for us? Is it flexible enough to support a successful organization in the future?

·       Is our IT environment properly managed, maintained, secured and capable of supporting our needs in a cost effective way?

·       Do we measure the value technology brings to our organization?

·       Can our strategy support current and future business needs?

·         Are we prepared for the worst?  Do we have proper protection against disasters and security issues?

·         Are we capable of reacting quickly to changes in the business environment?