CEOs: This One Word Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Did the headline get your attention?

Well I'm sure you are wondering how can one word lead your business to innovation and improve your bottom line?

Believe it or not, it can, and this one word will start an avalanche of innovation at your business that leads to growth and time savings.

Okay, so now that you are really interested, you want to know the word right?

This one simple word is.... WHY

Just by asking your employees why they do something will actually lead your business directly to a path of change and innovation.


Day in and day out why is not thought about as we put our heads down and simply continue doing what was done yesterday.

Somewhere along the line we lost our instinct to ask why . The everyday focus is on making sure we are doing things as we were trained, according to the procedure, or the way the manager likes.

The better perspective to improve your business is to think about things in terms of why are we doing this to begin with. 

Start by taking apart the pieces of your core business and inspect each one. Ask a lot of questions, follow up with a lot of "whys?"

Assessing why something is done generally leads to a moment of realization that is not normally possible in the hectic day-to-day of business.

 Let's take expense reports, a notoriously painful area in many businesses.

Here is an example exchange between a CEO and a staff member:

CEO: "Explain to me how you process an expense report approval"

Staff: "First, I run a report from the expense software, then I print it out, input the information I need into an excel spreadsheet"

CEO: Why?

Staff: "So I can format and sort the data how my manager likes"

CEO: What happens then?

Staff: "Then I print out the excel spreadsheet"

CEO: Why?

Staff: "So I can highlight the lines that meet a certain criteria according to our policy."

CEO: Why?

Staff: "My manager likes it printed and highlighted."

CEO: Why?

Staff: My manager likes to approve or deny the charge by initialing the page.

CEO: Why?

Staff: Because we've always done it that way.

You get the idea. It's a backwards way to do something that a well thought-out process coupled with modern day software can easily make much more efficient. This happens all the time. 

Completely undetected, inefficient processes and workarounds plague businesses across the world costing thousands of hours of time and untold amounts of money.


To prevent this happening in your business, as a CEO you need to create a why culture.

Adding why thinking into the culture of your organization will lead to earlier detection of inefficiency and promote growth through bigger questions such as

"Are there things we are doing repeatedly that technology can automate to become more efficient?" 

As you lead this change it becomes contagious and your influence will have everyone questioning the status quo.

Now you see how one single word holds the power to start an innovation revolution in your business.

Next time you get an opportunity, be sure to ask WHY?.

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