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Product Brief

With so many emerging Services and Apps coming out every day we know how hard it is to keep track. That’s why we have our “Product Brief,” a recurring feature that highlights interesting and useful new products, what they do, and how they can help you.

Who are we talking about?

Hosted Style Guide Service -

What is so unique about them? allows businesses to establish a consistent brand everywhere. With a business can create a hosted style guide, which is a set of design standards and guidelines for your branding which creates a cohesive look across all media. 

The service allows you to easily upload your logos, choose your colors and typography.  

How do they help?

Branding is a very important part of the way your business is perceived and with so many new communication channels it is important to always look your best. Sending logos, and making sure things look great can be a very time consuming process, why waste any more time with it? You can easily share your guide through the provided service link.

As an example they created a Style Guide for ACME, Inc. which you can see here: 


Who else does this?

Another related service for this is Frontify whose team is based in Sweden. Frontify also allows you to make a style guide and then beyond that it has a design collaboration tool. It is well designed, and a worthy product but I prefer the output from