Whether you are just beginning your ERP evaluation process or about to make a decision we want to help you find the right information.

Get help in your ERP evaluation process

Your initial focus should be on selecting the right ERP system software provider for your business. The expected results of implementing the correct ERP technology should be streamlined operations, easy-to-use functionality, a real-time view of your business anytime and anywhere on any device, and an ERP platform that is not only secure but adaptable to the ever-changing needs of your company. 


1. Understand “Why” you need a new ERP system
Maybe your current system is not supporting your business’ needs, or won’t in the future as you grow and expand. Or, maybe your system costs too much to maintain, is unreliable or is not secure. There can be a myriad of reasons why you need a new ERP system.

2. Get everyone on board, from the beginning.
Your main users need to be involved right from the start, and should lead the effort in selecting the system and planning/carrying out the implementation. By involving all key stakeholders from the very beginning, you take any surprises out of the end result.

3. Know what you have, and decide what you want.
 Now is a good time to take a look at your current systems and data and get baseline measurements like inventory levels by type, production lead time, and inventory accuracy. Outline what improvements you would like to see and the general requirements of your new system.

4. Review at least 3 vendors and choose a trustworthy provider. 
Everyone will tell you they have the best solution for you, but this decision is best made by doing your homework. Match the specific functionality that you need today (per #3) with the ability to adapt the system to change when your needs change. Then evaluate the design of the user interface to see how familiar and intuitive it is – it must be simple to learn and easy to use. Finally, seek out reviews and testimonials to ensure the provider is reliable, trustworthy and compatible with your needs.

We are here to help.

Choosing an ERP is a complicated decision and process, but having a good approach can make things easier and lead to much better outcomes. Having an experienced professional as part of your team will help translate your needs and the implementation features so everyone will fully understand what needs to be implemented.
We can help from the selection process, all the way up to deployment and Go Live of your next ERP. 

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