Top 10 Indicators You Need an Innovation Program

Here are the Top 10 Indicators You Need an Innovation Program

  1. The business needs to change or adapt -- but we're not sure how.

  2. We're doing the same things every day and expecting different results.

  3. Business expenditures have become 'sacred cows' without proper assessment.

  4. Clearly, we are handling some internal functions very inefficiently.

  5. Technology we purchased to improve operations is going underutilized.

  6. Our employees are comfortable but we seem to have lost a sense of urgency.

  7. My leadership team needs to 'punch it up' a notch but I don't want to alienate them.

  8. The business should be more organized and systematized by this point.

  9. Employees aren't clear on what our strategy or direction is anymore.

  10. We need a consultant to help us make decisions and a coach to make sure we follow through.

I don't suppose any of these sound familiar?

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