Blueprint Essential enables organizations to thrive through organizational changes by providing a range of consulting services that successfully deliver innovative change.


We deliver immediate and tangible results using the best practices of our Innnovative Change process while partnering with your leaders to develop and execute strategy. We tailor our approach to your requirements and for the people who will play a role in the change process. We can serve as the change management resource members of the project team or work in a shadow consulting role to support the internal organizational change management team members.

Our Blueprint Essential consultants have both the expertise and experience necessary to assist you in addressing the unique change management issues and challenges facing your organization.

Our team of experts have provided consulting support to many different types of organizations, industries, agencies and institutions. They are qualified and skilled to quickly and efficiently assess the situation, recommend solutions and develop and implement strategies and tactics to manage the change to deliver the intended results.

We have learned through our experience there is rarely one single best solution. You can expect our team will leverage its collective expertise and present an integrated solution with multiple options. Our experts will partner with your team to decide the most appropriate approach considering the resources, investment and time available.





Top leaders in the organization confer on future strategies for growth and the tactics necessary. The open flow of communication can provide unique opportunities for change that are supported with advice and recommendations.

This relationship includes unlimited access in addition to on-site, and virtual, personal work.



Blueprint Essential consultants will implement the Innovative Change process departmentally or organizationally to increase the change capabilities. This means individuals will embrace change more quickly and effectively, and the entire organization is able to respond rapidly to market changes, embrace strategic initiatives, and adopt new technology more effectively and with less productivity impact. 

This relationship includes formal workshops, measurement tools, goal setting exercises, application to existing and future goals, ongoing coaching of front-line and support staff, and appropriate process and system shifts.



In this case, we focus our Innovative Change process specifically on new avenues such as creating compelling products and services, new brands, growth avenues, and marketing opportunities. We work throughout the organization to examine and change staffing and organization as needed, identify and implement required technologies, and foster continuing renewal though leadership and vision. 

This relationship includes formal workshops, innovation practices, ongoing coaching of front-line and support staff, and appropriate off-site retreats.


Senior leadership and change agents benefit greatly when they are coached by Blueprint Essential experts. We know that even the best leaders of change may need some support and mentoring as they face organizational resistance.

Through formal and informal focused coaching, we guide change agents and leaders toward success. We ask probing questions, observe their application of the process, validate their decisions and encourage them to confidently do what is required to deliver the desired outcomes.

Getting started, our experts will customize a coaching strategy specific to the unique needs of your organization. They can effectively implement the strategy and deliver coaching support virtually as needed or be at your side for all or some of the time your change agents and leaders are managing change.



Accurate and appropriate data collection and analysis are critical elements of a well-managed change. The Innovative Change process has a data-driven component to predicting, identifying, analyzing and mitigating resistance to change.

Our clients want to be proactive and prepared for the challenges of resistance. Innovative Readiness Assessments and Change Resistance Risk Assessments are conducted to identify the probability of success based upon the actions already taken and planned.

Our change management experts are able to objectively evaluate the data, prioritize the risks and offer recommendations that can dramatically improve the likelihood of a more successful outcome.


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