We help our clients create the right conditions for technology to succeed.

Strategy Creation & Management

Ever wished technology would just handle itself and benefit your business? WITH US THAT IS WHAT IT WILL FEEL LIKE.

We work with you to develop high growth strategies that use technology in new profound ways. If you aren't ready for a full strategy we can be your outsourced expert for a single decision point, a leader for a specific initiative or project, or an advisor to bounce ideas off of.


Innovation Programs

Wouldn't it be great if your business had a brilliant idea that no one else thought of?

This is how your business can spark new innovative ideas and processes that will change your business for the better. Our approach to innovation shakes up the status quo, encourages team-building and idea generation, and includes an inventive method to create real solutions and actions everyone can use. Some results of our innovation workshops have been in creating entirely new uncontested markets, finding new methods to automate common tasks, as well as major systematic improvements that have led to a higher profit margin. 


Project Management

Can you imagine a Technology Project that wasn't filled with issues, headaches, and complaints? NOW YOU CAN.

We know how to organize chaos, manage risk, ensure quality, promote integration, and most importantly, control costs and schedule. When we manage a project for you, be assured you will have clear communication and no surprises.


Technology Evaluation

Don't trust YOUR BUSINESS TO salesmen, let us cut through the pitches and help you decide what's worth it and what isn't.

With so many new technologies and solutions emerging every day it's difficult to know what is right for you. Evaluating technology can be extremely time consuming, confusing, and at the end of the process you may still be vulnerable to overpaying or overbuying something that will not work well for you. Have us focus our attention on your solutions, needs, and costs, to ensure you are protected from incorrect choices. We have the time and experience to make sense of the jargon filled world of technology.


Cost Analysis

Did you know on average you can reduce your vendor costs by 30%? IT's likely you are paying too much for some aspect of YOUR technology.

Since re-negotiation takes time, and money is at a premium, we offer a cost review in which we analyze your operational costs related to technology, including service providers, hardware vendors, telecom, and supplies. We ensure you are being billed correctly, have appropriate services and packages, as well as the best prices. 



You didn't get into business to manage technology. Save hours of time planning and prioritizing technology activities, freeing you up to focus on better things. 

With as little as 2 hours of access to executive leadership we can create a comprehensive strategy that will radically improve the technology function in your organization. 


  • The additional time to work on your business, not in it.
  • Automation of existing time consuming operations.
  • Reducing overhead, overtime, and most importantly headaches and annoyances.
  • Control of costs, vendors, and systems.
  • Increasing the competitive advantage of your business.
  • A trusted technology advisor who knows your business and requirements.
  • As-needed executive leadership & advice at a fixed cost.
  • A formal process to discover business opportunities and a system to actualize them.

As technology is woven into the fabric of a modern company you need a partner to assist you in understanding your options as well as ensuring you are capable of innovation in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

Are you really managing your technology efficiently and cost-effectively?

Let's see if it makes sense to work together, contact us today.

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